Bad Temper Joe - One Can Wreck It All (CD) (6106120618137)

Bad Temper Joe - One Can Wreck It All (CD)


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Bad Temper Joe releases his brand new studio album One Can Wreck It All. The 12 compositions, all written by the East Westphalian blues bard himself, are contemporary blues in its purest form. On "One Can Wreck It All" BTJ shows himself as a songwriter with flair - and as a performer who has an unparalleled presence and impact.

When it comes to blues in Germany, there is no getting around the grumpy late twenties. The German specialist press calls him "one of the really important songwriters and guitarists of the German blues scene" (Wasser Prawda) and praises his "rough, powerful[n] singing [...] and his excellent fingerpicking" (Bluesnews). Bad Temper Joe is making waves internationally: as the only European act in the finals of the International Blues Challenge 2020 in Memphis, USA.
"One Can Wreck It All" is Bad Temper Joe's seventh studio production in long-playing format and convinces with economical instrumentation, which then, when Joe allows it, develops a powerful and haunting sound. The album rattles and whirrs with an intensity as if it were all held together by the heavy, aching groove and the rusty strings of an old guitar. BTJ shows his devotion to the tradition of the old Mississippi Delta blues singers. "One Can Wreck It All" is an expression of blues craftsmanship at the highest level, which radiates warmth, presence and timeless elegance at the same time.

01 The Night Johnny Cash Quit Doing Pills
02 Early Morning Blues
03 Hole in My Pocket
04 Don’t Mess With a Mule
05 One Can Wreck It All
06 Crazy World
07 Wishing Well
08 Road Works Rock
09 Me and My Rockin’ Chair
10 I’ll Never Get Well No More
11 If Her Hair Ain’t Longer Than Mine
12 The Promise