Vicente Patiz - Alegria (CD) (5948066103449)

Vicente Patiz - Alegria (CD)


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Vicente Patíz's concerts are rousing performances and balm for the heart. The multi-instrumentalist has already presented his extraordinary skills at over 1700 concerts around the world and has captivated over 100,000 people with his music in the last five years. His soundscapes have won numerous awards, the 10 instrumental albums that have now been released enjoy five-figure CD sales and enthusiastic reviews - and the journey continues. With his new program Alegria he presents an enchanting mix of melody and joie de vivre.
With guitars, didgeridoo, low whistle, percussion and 42-string harp guitar, Vicente Patiz creates worlds of sound that range from flamenco to jazz and world music. The artist knows how to captivate his audience with charming entertainment. He takes you to the dream beaches of the Mediterranean, lets the magic of the desert ring out, describes the breathtaking forces of nature in Tibet, Australia or the Amazon region and brings the sea into the concert. Patíz elicits magic from guitars, whether he caresses them or celebrates them fiercely, lets them sing or works them with a nail file to conjure up jungle sounds. What remains is just amazement.

1. Santa Maria
2. First Snow
3. Bright Size Life
4. Flying Kangaroo
5. Laughing Children
6. Desert Rose
7. Andalucia
8. Por la Manana
9. Le Cafe
10. Alegria
11. India
12. The Secret Garden