Stefan Grenzer - Freiheit (CD) (5948064333977)

Stefan Grenzer - Freedom (CD)


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I've been writing songs and lyrics for over 20 years. My songs are designed more for a demanding audience. The lyrics have a deeper background, requiring the listener to listen carefully to each line of the lyrics. Where does this passion for composing and singing come from? My father always sang in an amateur choir, a mixed choir in our Josefsdorf near Temeschburg in the Banat. Today I can still remember the goosebumps I had as a little boy when the canon-like voices were led with enthusiasm.

01 How nice that you were born
02 Dracula
03 Freedom
04 I woke up
05 I am covered
06 Senza te morirei
07 You are my way
08 What brings the human
09 You are like a puppet
10 picture pope