Jorinde Jelen Band - Mitten ins Blau (CD) (5871701295257)

Jorinde Jelen Band - Into the Blue (CD)


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"Mitten ins Blau" is the new album by the Jorinde Jelen Band, which will be released in November 2014 on Timezone Records. The 10 songs are a jazzy declaration of love to the night and a musical dialogue with the lyrics. The beguiling, nocturnal thoughts of Rainer Maria Rilke, Johann Wolfgang Goethe or Christian Morgenstern merge with the unique musical sound of the six-piece band and the charismatic voice of Jorinde Jelens.

01 Night Song
02 Behind everything is a place
03 Ah, in my wild heart
04 Summer song
05 migratory bird
06 It is night
07 closeness of the beloved
08 The hermit
09 Happy Nocturne
Saying 10 to sleep