Ralph Maten - Smooth Jazz (CD)


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The "Samtmann" is back and presents us with his eighth solo album.
A lot has happened with Ralph Maten: New podcast (talk in the recording studio). New live format on YouTube and in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, he fulfilled a lifelong dream.
Ralph Maten comments: "When I was a kid, my grandmother sang along to the songs of Sinatra - and I loved to listen. Now I'm old myself, but it's still in my ears and in my heart the whole time.
It was clear to me that I absolutely wanted to record a complete jazz album – with my voice! Without modulating my voice like it sounds like Sinatra. There are already enough recordings of that, including with the great Lothar Krist Big Band from NDR.
I wanted the album to sound like the Velvet Man. Harmonious and very intimate. I worked a lot with tube preamp and tape saturation in production. To get a bit of that 50's sound that I love so much.
In the middle of the pandemic, I worked on this album for almost a year - worked out almost everything on my own. The titles arranged, sung, played instruments. Produced, mixed, self-mastered and even designed the entire artwork myself.” It couldn't be more Ralph Maten.
The single "Misty" climbed high in the streaming portals in just a few days. The very atmospheric music video was filmed at Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg Lippe in his castle in Bückeburg.
time to enjoy!
Ralph Maten's soft, bell-like voice played from his grand piano. In addition, string arrangements, double bass, a quiet jazz guitar with saxophone and subtle percussion. It doesn't need more. Best enjoyed in front of the fireplace with a glass of red wine!
Text: F. Karsten / Amp Media

01 Misty
02 summer wind
03 As time goes by
04 Stars Fell On Alabama
05 The Lady Is A Tramp
06 Cry Me A River
07 Beyond The Sea
09 Fly Me To The Moon
10 Moon River
11 Summer Wind (Extended Version)
12 Close To You