4 Idiots - Getting Serious (CD) (5911216717977)

4 Idiots - Getting Serious (CD)


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"Pop Punk's Not Dead" - anyone who has ever experienced the 4 Idiots live knows that. The band name already stands for provocation, but also for humor. And that is exactly what is reflected in the songs of the four rockers, who can animate their audience to the next circle pit again and again.
The band from the Kassel area, consisting of Matthias Herrmann (main vocals, guitar), Julian Rupp (guitar), Andre Wenderoth (second vocals, bass) and Christian Wollenhaupt (drums), has been active since 2015 and has successfully released several singles and make a name for an EP.
Their first album, Getting Serious, will be released on November 13, 2020 and shines with 12 varied tracks, some serious, some less serious lyrics and a lot of headbanging material. If you can even begin to relate to the genre, you shouldn't miss this.

01 keep shining
02 Smurf Ice And Grass
03 roller coasters
04 The End Of Me
05 Bad Luck
06 Uncertainty
07 The Man In Disguise
08 The Whole Night
09 Movie Star
10 Cut It Out
11 cheeseburgers
12 Getting Serious