Baldabiou - Hélène (CD) (5871813132441)

Baldabiou - Hélène (CD)


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Sebastian van Vugt sings with an unmistakable timbre about the joys and sorrows of becoming and being. His songs and voice have a high-resolution sense of form and dynamics. His stage presence is as unpretentious as it is engaging. Almost by accident, a mixed audience made up of those invited, those they had brought with them and cultural tourists became completely silent and the room filled with van Vugt's unexcited songs, which, despite their warmth and intimacy, never succumbed to kitsch or become stereotyped. They look deep and sound good.
In February 2017, Baldabiou released their debut album "1861", which, like the band name, is based on Alessandro Baricco's novel "Seide". The songs on the album are just as delicate as van Vugt's short novel "Baldabiou. Fragments of a Youth”. Despite all the calm and melancholy, a positive aftertaste is always kept alive, which stays in the ear for a long time and settles deep in the heart.

01 John
02 Take It Easy
03 Strangers
04 Luso
05 Another key
06 If you only knew
07 Berlin
08 haze
09 When It's Time To Go
10 Eyes
11 Get ready