Bandgeschwister - Zwischen den Zeilen (CD) (5871737471129)

Band Siblings - Between the Lines (CD)

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Lyrics and melodies that go straight to the heart and a voice that gets under the skin: "Bandgeschwister" impress with music that sounds like life. The soulful rock singer "Bine" and the guitarist Nils found each other again a few years later after originally going to school together and quickly founded a music cooperation at the checkout of a supermarket. Bine only introduced Nils to her distinctive voice to get feedback from the guitarist. This feedback was the starting signal for founding "Bandgeschwister" - because Nils, who has already toured successfully with several bands, rightly said: "I will not give up this voice again!"
On October 14th, 2016 the first EP of "Bandgeschwister" will be released with "Zzwei den Linien". An EP with songs that make you think and sing along. "Everyone can interpret and feel our music for themselves", was the statement of the two at the presentation of the CD. And that's exactly how it fits the title of the disc. Because those who are able to read and hear between the lines will be impressed by the German-language songs! Together with the three-piece backline band, a festival-ready rock spectacle was created, which is bursting with power and pressure - paired with the necessary feeling - and sweeps everyone away!

01 When it's too late
02 White Black
03 No
04 mirror
05 Let me breathe