Die arbeitslosen Bauarbeiter - Musique Roulette (CD) (5871788556441)

The Unemployed Builders - Musique Roulette (CD)


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They are back - and with an "album for eternity". With their meanwhile sixth studio long player, Die Arbeitslose Bauarbeiter are undoubtedly part of the old guard of the German punk rock scene and now have a real Royal Flash at hand with Musique Roulette.
Sixteen rousing songs to make you fall in love, dance to your heart's content and more make it clear that the Bauarbeiter have their roots in the punk realm, but they don't stop at a touch of jazz either. Nevertheless – or perhaps because of this – the people of Chemnitz will put you in the best of moods with this collection of songs. DAB manage the difficult balancing act and also present songs to think about and to reflect on the social media society
In short: all together a masterful repertoire of the Chemnitz trio. And finally a really fat album that not only promises fun, but also melancholy and that certain something.

01. The first song
02. Straight ahead
03. Only TV
04. All or nothing
05. Everything will be fine
06. In the land of poets and thinkers
07. What love is
08. Around the sun