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Docker Rock - Docker Rock (CD)


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If you can't let it go and you hum along with every riff and want to shout along with every chorus, then the band has actually done everything right. And when four members of the "five-person combo" also belong to a family and a large part of the band works together in the port of Hamburg, you have the stuff from and with which to write stories.
The five docker rockers covered the heroes of their youth for twenty years, only to set a really big exclamation point with their debut work: Anyone expecting house music will be bitterly disappointed.
Here comes straight and no frills rock with two-part guitar solos, fat guitar riffs, straightforward bass and driving drums, which together ensure a compact and powerful sound. A sound that, packed with an unbelievably great joy of playing, is unmistakably part of Dockerrock and, not least because of the two vocals of front woman Christina and the singing drummer Lars, causes true leaps of joy in the auditory canals.
It just fits and you can feel the passion, energy and harmony of the Hamburg band in every single bar of the twelve songs. In short: you simply believe the quintet's "craving for rock". And if ever an interpretation of "honest rock" was sought - docker rock is the best explanation.

01 docker rock
02 Everything Is Alright
03 You
04 Just For A Moment
05 Family power
06 Devil Women
07 He Is On Fire
08 My Support
09 Barbecue With Good Friends
10 Feel My Rhythm
11 For a moment
12 My Support (Acoustic)