Elizabeth Cornish - Where Were We Then (CD) (5871773909145)

Elizabeth Cornish - Where Were We Then (CD)


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Elizabeth Cornish doesn't tell stories. Instead, she gives you a seductive glimpse into her world and invites you to fill in the blanks for yourself. After a string of studio releases with her band, Cornish is returning to her musical roots as a solo acoustician with her debut album. Her cathartic songs are shamelessly loaded with raw emotion. They are fragile and powerful at the same time, and while they touch on dark and painful subjects, they are never melancholic. On the contrary, Cornish's poetry, infectious choruses and waltz guitar lines cheer you up and leave you hopeful.
While her debut album, Displaced, dealt with her struggle to maintain her nomadic upbringing, Where Were We Then is a powerful journey about enduring love, personal loss and grief. Inspired by folk, country and indie pop singer-songwriters like Laura Marling, Lucy Rose, Jason Isbell and John Moreland to name a few, Cornish effortlessly weaves elements of these genres into their finely crafted songs while remaining undeniably hers true to her artistic roots: She is a singer-songwriter through and through.

2. Passing ships
4. For The One That I Love
6. English Rogue
7. We're Not Perfect
8. Home
9. Disappear
10. Don't Let Go