Jezzy & Jayemsoul - Kennst Du das? (CD) (5871750906009)

Jezzy & Jayemsoul - Do you know that? (CD)


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A likeable rap & soul duo from Lübeck is stirring up the German pop and hip hop scene: Jezzy & Jayemsoul, who excelled in several talent competitions at a young age and also performed on the big stage of the TV show "Das Supertalent" with their song "Neverland" could sing into the hearts of the judges and viewers, now surprise with their EP "Do you know that?". Singer JayemSoul and raper Jezzy, who also occasionally accompanies the duo on the piano, have managed to perform a musical balancing act in every respect.
The duo's songs tell of love and youth and the pure desire for pleasure. The German lyrics also deal with political issues in a very unmistakable, emotional and sometimes provocative way, which gives the eight songs on this mini-album an even greater specialness and independence.
"The nicest compliment you can give us is crying during our performance," said the North German boys, who not only make music together, but are also best friends "on the side". A circumstance that you can clearly feel in the songs.

01 My Pocahontas
02 Here we are at home
03 I make you happy
04 Until the sun comes out
05 Flashionaire
06 Do you know that?
07 Neverland [Video Version]
08 Neverland [Acoustic Version]