Katze Blau - Blue Hearts (CD) (5871780331673)

Blue Cat - Blue Hearts (CD)


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With their new long player "Blue Hearts" the four Bavarians take us on an imaginative trip into the sixties with a stopover in the seventies and a full spot landing in two thousand eighteen. "Blue Hearts" is a captivating mix of blues, indie rock and refreshing hip-hop elements and the power of the 21st century. The band around their frontman Woody S has been rocking the festival stages with his energetic performance for several years and gets the audience boiling. Cat Blue wants to present her brand new work on a Street & Club tour through Germany and the Netherlands this year.
"Cat Blue combines the power of the Rolling Stones, the smart attitude of the Beatles, the coolness of the Doors, the rock 'n' roll of Led Zeppelin and the fresh, modern style of the Black Keys." Backstage Pro

1.Blue Heart
2. Little Miss Sunshine
3. Survivor
4. From Behind
5. Transcendent Tune
6. Imperial Walkers
7. Calling The Cops 2.0