Kneeless Moose - Tortuga (CD) (5871715221657)

Kneeless Moose - Tortuga (CD)


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In their cosmos between catchy refrains and hypnotically sprawling jam parts, Kneeless Moose create such an atmospheric density that it crackles more than between Hendrix and his beloved favorite guitar. The lyrics deal with existential questions (“Universe”), but also tell of apparently casual fairy tales (“Waste Of Time”). The band writes every bar of their melancholic stories with the thickest soul, whose spirit also captures the back row of their ecstatic live shows. With "grungy" nonchalance, they shake hooks out of their flannel shirt sleeves, whose vibe effortlessly connects to their role models from the flowery 60s and 70s.
Nevertheless, Tom, Leon and Ingvar are anything but trapped in the "Good Old Times": Despite their blues-pregnant penchant for nostalgia, the three musicians, who mainly develop their songs in live sessions, move directly on the bass line of the time : Blunt and opulent, the trio brings their listeners closer to the magic of jam rock. Kneeless Moose elevate the guitar riff to a quotation, the drum fill to a homage and the song line to a statement of a never-ending desire for indulgence. With their debut album "Soultravel", Kneeless Moose caused enthusiasm not only at home. The trio toured beyond the borders of Germany and thus developed a reputation as a live band with exceptional talent. The fourteen tracks on "Tortuga" skillfully summarize the young band's emotions and experiences.

01 Good Old Times
02 Waist Of Time
03 Aegis
04 The Dust
05 It Was Almost September
06 lucky girl
07 Tortuga
08 His Own Doctor Inside
09 Family Van
10 universes
11 How Long
12 Where I'm At
13 Anxiety
14 Lainy's Dreams