Lea LaDoux - Genuine (CD) (5965374455961)

Lea LaDoux - Genuine (CD)


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Modest, fascinating and captivatingly honest. Lea LaDoux is the name of the gentle singer-songwriter who has been writing her own songs since she was 13 and has been making music for as long as she can remember.
Lea's texts oscillate between self-doubt and self-knowledge, she dissects emotional states, speaks openly about her paralyzing fears and seeks to talk to herself with them; she fails to deconstruct them and almost despairs of rubbing her inner worlds between which she stands.

1. Everybody's darling
2. Let It Show
3. All Eyes On Me
4. MoneyMoney
5. Sometimes
6. Crazy
7. Lesson Learned
8. Carried Away
9. Can't Get No Sleep
10. Hush