Marc Jürs and a Bunch of Heartbreakers - Music for the working class (CD) (5871793143961)

Marc Jürs and a Bunch of Heartbreakers - Music for the working class (CD)


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“Hear what a trucker feels as he drives into the sunset. Hear the images of the endless expanse. Hear the vibrations of the raspy voice." This is how you can describe the music of the north German country rockers Marc Jürs and a Bunch of Heartbreakers. Real feelings wrapped in grandiose guitar riffs, wonderful melodies and a voice that captivates everyone. For his debut album "Music for the working class" Marc Jürs has won over some of his youth idols. The influences of, among others, Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rude Pell, Avantasia), Tim Pierce (Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Phil Collins) and David Reece (Bonfire, Accept) can be heard, who literally feel and feel the entire album into a powerful, musical, multi-faceted painting. It's a mixture of country and rock that is reminiscent of the American west coast and at the same time shows the "modern cowboy". And everything together makes listening to the eleven pearls of the song an emotional ride that touches and drives you at the same time.

01 Breakin' Free (A Friday Night)
02 River Of Blood
03 Gun And A Bullet
04 Born Free
05 Minersville
06 The Other Side
07 Middle Of The Night
08 Stay
09 Huntington Beach
10 The Dance
11 Stay (with Dennis Churchill Dries)