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PAN - Sense (CD)


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Pan, they come from the unseen, from the never-land? From Olympus? From the Black Forest! They sing in German, all three, rock pop with strings, drums, synths and heart. Authentic, real, not fancy, right on time! Ahead of the times?
The words in the songs result in lines, opinions, stories, criticism of the other person and themselves. They take themselves seriously, can laugh, can be silent, can cry. German speaking? Because they can. three voices? Because they can. That sounds almost arrogant, but the boys are by no means. Authentic and emotional, it's more like it. Almost always with a grin on his face.
They love to play with words, to juggle. The title Pan "Sinn" already entails this and is brought to the point in the song "Meine Deinung". "Walls" a very personal piece, of invisible walls between father and child. "Sea of ​​Color" an appeal to society: "We want and love it colorful!" "Heart", a homage to the small and beautiful things in life, as well as a piece of happiness for everyone. "You" a gift to all people who are important!

1. Sea of ​​colors
2. heart
3. My opinion
4. Walls
5. You