Reep - Love, Life & Supermarkets (CD) (5964929958041)

Reep - Love, Life & Supermarkets (CD)


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The guys from Reep prove that rock music still has a firm place in the music world alongside overproduced pop songs today. The band from Hamburg around the songwriter and guitarist Daniel Weckelmann lets you stroll through the streets with their melodic rock and encourages you to sing, celebrate and dream. With the band name Reep, the Hamburgers pay homage to their hometown with the notorious mile.
If you turn up the volume control, you are literally overwhelmed by the catchy melodies with a powerful guitar sound that scrapes feedback. In addition to this wall of guitars, the bass meanders, sometimes straight, sometimes with clear accents and meets drums, which give the songs a driving and resonating character.

01 Streets Of Revolution
02 Someday Somehow
03 Blue Angel
04 Don't Believe In Now
05 Breaking down