Ronja Maltzahn - Beautiful Mess (New Edition) (CD) (6016110526617)

Ronja Maltzahn - Beautiful Mess (New Edition) (CD)


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Ronja Maltzahn - The robber's daughter, who takes the listener on a musical journey around the world with her goose bumps voice.
At first glance radio-ready folk pop that gets under your skin straight into your ears. If you listen closely, you can hear a very unique vibe that goes beyond the music: behind imaginative stories in seven languages ​​(DE, EN, IT, ESP, RU, FR, NL), between the wafting of shimmering soap bubbles, colorful lights and flying polaroids ... joie de vivre shines, wanderlust hums, an unmistakable philosophy of life comes to the fore.
For as long as she can remember, Ronja has been writing her own songs as a substitute for the diary. The 25-year-old cosmopolitan has traveled the world with her music, she has been on 4 continents and has translated the collected inspiration into stories and songs. She plays cello, guitar and piano to her warm voice in different languages.
Ronja recently fulfilled a big dream and recorded her first album "Beautiful Mess". 12 tracks, 16 musicians, 5 languages. Recorded in Germany, mixed by Grammy Award winner Sebastian Perkal in Argentina, mastered in San Francisco, pressed in Berlin.
Ronja and her band are constantly on tour across Europe, with a good 90 concerts, from the intimate living room to the big festival stage.
If the path is beautiful, don't ask where it leads.

01 My world
02 scraps
03 Beautiful Mess
04 In The Clouds
05 The Keeper
06 Kiwi
07 Rayos Y Centellas
08 Agosto/Already Gone
09 Price I Pay
10 Comment You Danses
11 To The Ones Long Gone
12 My Reality