Ronja Maltzahn - Heimweh (CD)

Ronja Maltzahn - Homesickness (CD)


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"How could she have believed that the Mattisburg was the whole world? The world was much bigger, it was such that it took your breath away!” (Astrid Lindgren)

For the last two years Ronja has been working on a musical diary, in ten pieces of music and a poetry companion volume, filled with autobiographical stories. HEIMWEH is the supplement and sibling of wanderlust, exceptionally completely in German. It's about thoughtfulness, poetry and a return to one's own roots. CD and book are to be released at the end of July, when Ronja is allowed to perform with Udo Lindenberg at the Hermann Hesse Festival.
Ronja plays cello, guitar, ukulele, piano and loves to tell stories. About being on the road, about long journeys, big dreams and courage, about encounters and togetherness. On stage, she invites the listener with her band, the BlueBird Orchestra, on a musical journey around the world. Four years ago she met her Argentinian music partner Fede in Italy. Since then, the two have traveled to 15 countries together, played over 300 concerts and produced two studio albums. In 2021, Ronja was the proud winner of the Udo Lindenberg Foundation's Panic Prize, which encourages young musicians: #do it!

"She makes the world dance. Sometimes light as a feather, sometimes thought-heavy and all that in a musical way.” (Folkworld Music Magazine)

01 fog
02 levels
03 All time
04 Homesickness
05 polar bear
06 Robber's Daughter
07 rain
08 From the sadness
09 Above water
10 lot