Ronja Maltzahn - #worldpop (MP3 Download)


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When acoustic pop absorbs the languages ​​and color facets of this world, it becomes world pop, the sound of wanderlust. 15 songs, one poetry, four chapters, six languages, 20 instrumentalists, twelve choir singers. A big vision. Recorded not far from Osnabrück at Fox Recording Studios Telgte, mixed in Argentina by Grammy Award winner Sebastian Perkal, mastered at Trakworx Studios, San Francisco.

"How could she have believed that the Mattisburg was the whole world?" (Astrid Lindgren)

01 The Frog And The Bird
02 Mr Doubtful
03 Emma
04 Blue Birds
05 Moskva
06 Bossa Française
07 Desayuno
08 When You Fall
09 Sound Of The Forest
10 All time
11 About water