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Level 3 - Tones (CD)


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Gertrud, Marcel and Stephan: three musicians with many years of experience - three musicians who found each other again in 2014 - three North Germans who reproduce life musically and go to the next higher level together - level 3! After their first album "Die Innere Melodie" follows "Klangfarben". The album stays true to life and lets every listener find themselves again. Marcel Faßbender creates the lyrics authentically and honestly, which are sometimes humorous and sometimes thought-provoking, based on life experiences – specially accompanied on his guitar. His emotional, rough voice, which is perhaps a bit reminiscent of Roger Cicero, hits almost everyone in a particularly beautiful way. "The nail hits the head with a smile" is an appropriate description. The (color) diversity of the trio is reflected in the different styles of the songs, which all come along unmistakably. Gladly also in a three-part a cappella version.
This finally shows that the band is musically destined for each other. The new album "Klangfarben" can be tuned in at any time "on the side" - with the guarantee that it will not remain "on the side". Because it couldn't be more appropriate than Marcel himself describes it: "Every hair on the body fights for a standing place! In short: you find yourself in the songs and recognize the variety of colors in your life.

01 Fly/Win
02 I would like to
03 Everything will be fine
04 Selfi stick
05 Great love
06 Jonah
07 New stories
08 The table
09 Batman
10 Little Story