TB5 - Windmühlen stehlen (CD)

TB5 - Stealing Windmills (CD)


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The country needs a new, great band with new, great songs
... mega-professionally produced - by none other than the successful and star producer PETER HOFFMANN, inventor/producer TOKIO HOTEL, producer of FALCO, OLI P., ANNETT LOUSIAN, JENNIFFER KAE, LINA, MISS ALLIE and many other well-known greats.
A warm welcome from Uwe (The Voice), Linda (The Voice), Kalle (guitars), Marceline (bass) and Allan (drums).
Together we are TB5, and I promise ... TB5 lets it tile in German with a high recognition value for everyone with lyrics that concern everyone - power pop, pop rock, rock pop, sometimes also soft and ballady - catchy and party-friendly, electrifying, infectious, to Party, sing along, with crisp refrains - in the groovy, rousing, typically new TB5 feel-good sound - especially suitable for live performances.
That's great when the TB5 songs just get caught in your ears. You make them hits and we think it's great to have you as a fan in our TB5 family.
Not only musically, but also visually, TB5 differs from the general German band scene with unique selling points. TB5 are five very different types - a colorful bunch with male and female singers as double leaders and a woman on bass.

01 Straight into your heart
02 We're doing great
03 steal windmills
04 This one spot with you
05 Stand by yourself
06 Summer feeling
07 Freedom in which we live
08 Weightless through the universe
09 Never too late
10 Love wins
11 Cocktail By The Lake (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]