The Flame - Endless Sky (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906924142745)

The Flame - Endless Sky (12" vinyl album)


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The Flame's sixth album is something special. For this, The Flame have selected some songs from their first 5 records in order to bring a representative compilation to the market.
Among them are songs like "Nautilus"; "Roses" as well as the poignant homage to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett "Mr. Pink. "Endless Sky" will initially be released in a strictly limited edition on blue vinyl and a very beautiful gatefold sleeve.

Side A
01 Human
02 Leaders Of The World
03 Endless Sky
04 Roses
05 Clean and empty
06 Nautilus
07 Mr Pink

Side B
01 Outsiders
02 Hiding Place
03 Out In The Night
04 Angel
05 ivory
06 I'm Alive