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"Make a point" is what they normally say. But the Flensburg guys from VierPunktEins don't leave it at one. No, it has to be four. And then they top it all off!
The five songs of the debut EP " Flaschenpost " not only set a decent exclamation mark lyrically. Without pointing fingers, the northern lights also devote themselves to uncomfortable and critical topics and also - or especially - musically every single title is worth at least a colon. The songs stay where they belong - deep in the head. And you can't get them out of there that quickly (why should you?), especially since the foot automatically taps along with every beat.
VierPunktEins have a fine feeling for catchy melodies as well as for choruses that stay in your ear canal. The North German quartet masters the tightrope walk between German pop and soft as well as powerful rock with bravura.
To get to the point: VierPunktEins have created a massive range of songs with their debut work. Point!

1. Tracks in the sand
2. On burning ice
3. Nicolina
4. Remember
5. Shadow within you