Vor Rotterdam - Bräutigam & Braut (CD) (5871775482009)

Before Rotterdam - Groom & Bride (CD)


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If you had to describe the songs on Vor Rotterdam's debut album in just one word, you would probably choose a simple "wonderful". On the other hand, it wouldn't really be apt, because the first work "Bräutigam & Braut" - financed by the way via the crowdfunding platform Startnext - offers more than that. Much more. It's German pop with heart and mind. Like the city that gives it its name, it is modern and ambitious.
And it is a successful synthesis of calm and thoughtful as well as entertaining and rousing songs. All together somehow soft tones that nevertheless have a wonderfully powerful and atmospheric effect. It's just "just" wonderful German pop that tells stories that life writes.
Why do the five Berliners name themselves after a Dutch city a good 600 kilometers from the capital? Maybe you'll find that out after listening to the album. Or it will remain a secret forever. Who knows... It all started in 2015. Since then the curve has been pointing upwards and in addition to the album release, the next highlight awaits this year when you support Max Giesinger on stage.

01 Just a song
02 sea value
03 Groom & Bride
04 Lina
05 Up & Down
06 Luisa
07 colors
08 Missing or forgotten
09 silence
10 over