Wasted Roads - Can’t Say Where It Goes (CD) (5871742156953)

Wasted Roads - Can't Say Where It Goes (CD)


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Anyone who likes "real" rock music - as it was produced by the greats of the 70s and 80s - will treat their ears to something very special with WASTED ROADS. Powerful guitar riffs in a classic way accompanied by a four-string and a tactful drummer, paired with a rocking voice - that's the recipe of the three musicians from Langeln in Schleswig-Holstein. The guys have inherited the hearing of their ancestors - in which the older songs "of the old heroes" have not yet died away. Together with the influences of today, the album CAN 'T SAY WHERE IT GOES is a successful homage to the time when Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin or Guns 'n' Roses celebrated their great successes - but in the very own way of the three young blooders. Festival-tested and full of classic rock in the blood, it's now back on the way forward - to the time when sex & drugs & rock 'n roll were still a way of life. Old school rock music celebrates its comeback with the trio from the far north!

01 Pursuit Of Luck
02 Can't Say Where It Goes
03 A Preacher Said
04 Burst Your Soul
05 My own perception
06 Hit The Stone
07 Gotta Keep On Searching
08 Woke Up In A Dream
09 Shadows On A Tree
10 Nothing's Like It Seems To Be
11 Find Yourself A Solution
12 Things I Never Thought Before