Zed Mitchell - Autumn in Berlin (CD) (5871754281113)

Zed Mitchell - Autumn in Berlin (CD)


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Zed Mitchell is a musical jack of all trades. His 5-octave voice makes him a top-class singer. He is one of the best guitarists in Europe and can look back on more than 20 published albums as a composer and songwriter. He has the ability to play every string on a guitar with a personal touch.
The string magician lets his instrument rock, then sound virtuoso or weave melancholic carpets of sound. When Zed Mitchell plays, blues music sounds with an inspiring facet.

01 One Night In Berlin
02 I'm In Vegas Tonight
03 This Is The End
04 Tears Of Blue
05 Like You Do
06 Blue Heart
07 Up&Down
08 Early Morning Blues
09 Stranger In The Mirror
10 People Asking
11 Waiting For Fire
12 Good Morning People - Instrumental