Maiorano - Glorious Days (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906924011673)

Maiorano - Glorious Days (12" Vinyl-Album)

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Bridging the gap between such disparate genres as R&B, Soul, Garage, Punk, Funk and Rock & Roll may seem like a tall order on paper - but as audiences across Europe will attest, Maiorano do it with gusto. Frontman Alex performs with wild abandon, passion, and intensity while the remaining 7-strong ensemble of musicians delivers tight rhythms, soulful grooves and soaring brass backing.
With the band's constantly evolving sound being so difficult to define, and the band's name somewhat tricky to pronounce (it's "My-Oh-Ra-No", if you were wondering), it's a welcome relief that the music is so instant and easy to fall in love with.
With their new LP, “Glorious Days,” (recorded in Rome with 'Giuda' producer Danilo Silvestri) poised for release later this year, Maiorano will be bringing their powerhouse live show to ever more enthusiastic audiences while continuing to defy expectation and categorisation.  

01 Just A Sign
02 Give Me A Fix
03 I Got You
04 Days In The Life
05 25 Times

01 Just A Little Bit Closer
02 Cani Neri
03 Monkey In My Head (I Gotta Move)
04 I’ll Never Know
05 Dirty White Shoes