T.G. Copperfield - Tunes For George (CD) (5871773810841)

T.G. Copperfield - Tunes For George (CD)


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Tilo George Coppperfield is a Rock and Roll songwriter with roots in Americana and Blues. Also known as the driving force behind southern rockers 3 Dayz Whizkey where he honed his skills as guitar player and highly-talented song-architect. 2017 gave birth to his first solo record („T.G. Copperfield“) and the ambitious successor „The Worried Man“, a concept album and Rock and Roll Dystopia based on the thrilling story of anti-hero Evil Eye. Where his critically acclaimed first record mainly focused on Bluesrock and Americana, „The Worried Man“ is diving even deeper into a broad spectrum of styles. Simply put: „an entertaining listening experience with hit potential“ (Classic Rock Magazine). A record with style and classic sound. 2018 will also be a busy year starting with the release of „Tunes for George“. A 6-songs-EP based on the memory of Copperfield's late dad. Recorded in a one day session this truly is a very personal piece of Rock and Roll in the tradition of classic and timeless tunes built to last.

01 Last Chance Saloon
02 One More Night
03 The Face Of The Mountain
04 Walking In Ruins
05 I'll Never Lay That Guitar Down
06 Half The Man