Oh Lazarus - Sailing (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871816507545)

Oh Lazarus - Sailing (12" Vinyl-Album)

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Their first record “Good Times” explored genres and atmospheres that eluded any precise definition - now Oh Lazarus return with a brand new record, “Sailing”, which evolves their sound through an intricate mix of eleven tracks.
After the light-hearted journey of their first record, Oh Lazarus embark on an adventurous and mystical expedition. Defying the malice and the unpredictability of the river, Simone Merli (guitar), Daniele La Barbera (drums and percussions) and Cecilia Merli (vocals and clarinet) board their crumbling boat and carry the listener to a muddy juke joint, where the sounds of Nico and Violent Femmes merge in a rickety marriage.
The river journey rolls through eleven songs in which the trio combines elements of rural blues and Velvet Underground-style psychedelics, winking at roots rock. “Sailing” is entirely recorded live, without overdubs, and testifies to the group’s search for greater authenticity.
This production stems from the long collaboration between the trio and the German Off Label Records; it was recorded at Marco Alberto Matti’s Casemate Recording Studio and mastered in Chicago by Carl Saff.
“Sailing” will be out on 10 April 2020, in digital and vinyl format, enriched by the stunning illustrations of Nanà Dalla Porta, who - for this record too - brilliantly translates on paper the soundscape of Oh Lazarus.
And just like Jerome K. Jerome’s three men in a boat, the trio from Pavia, Italy, suggests to throw away useless rubbish: “Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need”.

01 Lies
02 Summer City Blues
03 Rolling
04 Sea Of Blood
05 You Get What You Deserve
06 Bottle Of Pain
07 Don’t Call Me Now
08 Last Farewell
09 Cecilia
10 Oh Death
11 Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning