Pork Chop Party - Walking Backwards (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871699427481)

Pork Chop Party - Walking Backwards (7" Vinyl-Single)


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From the same brain that invented Puta Madre Brothers and Made for Chickens by Robots comes a slowed-down countrypolitan two-man-band full with optimistic melancholy. Pork Chop Party is Anto Macaroni and Pinky Blue (aka Merle Haggard and Randy Oldman) with two broken bassdrums and two broken guitars and two smoked-out voices.
Here is their debut release, a 7" titled The Suicidal Sounds Of Pork Chop Party, a fine quality vinyl release from the outstanding Off Label Records from Germany. There are two songs here. One side has Walking Backwards sung by Macaroni. It's a song about running away from somebody who is running towards you, about being scared of admiration, fear of tenderness, about telling lies to yourself and about walking.
The other side of this record has Pinky singing a swell number called Sad, Horny and Blues.
This was written during a 45 degree (Celsius) heatwave in a house in country Victoria, during a hallucinogenic drunken spell where the band was trapped inside the house and it was too hot to even pick the nose. It tells the story of guilt, abandonment, miscommunication, confusion. You can listen to this record, to both sides, at any time of the day or night, you might cry or laugh or get sad or happy, you might slow dance with your pet cat or your husband or wife, you might cook some potatoes in a pot of water while you listen to it.
You might just sit down with a cigarette and inhale the microscopic vinyl dust being scratched off as the stylus spins around. You could also use it to rest a hot kettle on or a cold glass of beer on. You might simply enjoy it. Or you might simply not.

01 Walking backwards
02 Sad horny and blue