The Vagoos - Heat Wave (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871751397529)

The Vagoos - Heat Wave (12" Vinyl-Album)


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The Vagoos are four young delinquents from a boring small town in the center of the conservative swamplands of Bavaria/Germany. Since their early days they`ve been hangin out at the rehearsal room, which used to be the bassplayer`s living room located in the building complex of the local brewery, distilling their own vision of fast and rough Garage Rock’n’Roll: Loud and annoying Fuzz Guitars, slippery, drippin wet surf strings, wild and out of control drums and a freaked out bass! The Vagoos never cared about any hip scene shit - they make you dance and shout your miserable soul out of your miserable body with a big grin on your face!
They shared international stages with The Monsters, Reverend Beat-Man, The Bonnevilles, Juke Joint Pimps, James Leg, The Teamsters, Las Aspiradoras, The Devils and many other cool bands.

01 Fidget
02 Must Be Voodoo
03 No Rock On Mars
04 Heatwave
05 Hideaway
06 Golden Key

01 Johnny Feel Good
02 I Got You On My Mind
03 Blues Without A Reason
04Time Is Right
05 Mint Island
06 The Order Of Laissez Faire