Electric Mud - The Deconstruction of Light  (CD) (5871772532889)

Electric Mud - The Deconstruction of Light (CD)


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Where Post-Progressive-Rock, Kosmische Musik and Krautrock figure in a magic clay. After the release of the former albums, mud-mastermind Hagen Bretschneider received miscellaneous soundfiles from people all over the world, who played guitar or sang vocals along to Electric Mud tracks.
The idea was born to recreate some pieces and contribute more instrumental parts for the new album. Rather recomposing than remixing. Over the years the german-based Electric Mud transformed from a live-trio into a studio project. So longtime studio-contributor Nico Walser added some of his sound alchemy to the music. Imagine early King Crimson jammed together with Tangerine Dream and Cluster - and you'll hear the pure audio-magic of the new album "The Deconstruction of Light".

1. Deadend Mind
2. Canary In A Cathouse
3. Black Dog
4. Suburban Wasteland Blues
5. Heads In Beds
6. Through The Gates
7. Moongarden