Erk - When Night Meets Day (12" Vinyl-Album) (5965375373465)

Erk - When Night Meets Day (12" Vinyl-Album)


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Erk. Frisian name, North German home, homebase for over twenty years in Berlin as singer, songwriter and producer. In the beginning of the wild 90s he mixed up the Berlin indie scene with his band "Treat". This was followed by projects with artists such as Elke Brauweiler (a. k.a. "Paula"), Pat C. or Jazzanovas Roskow Kretschmann, whose side project "Kosma" caused a furore with a composition by Erk ("Flow"). At the same time, Erk plays in the Berlin noise pop great "Cuban Rebel Girls" and "Space Kelly", with the latter he is touring Japan and South Korea. As sideman of the "Torpedo Boyz" he also hits the keys for frontman Ken Steen.
The cover of the fold-out vinyl case is by Daniel Harms. Born 1980 in Hamburg, since 2007 in Berlin. After a serious accident he quits his job as a good retail salesman and decides to become a Rock'n Roll artist. With success! Meanwhile he is considered a secret pop star among Berlin artists with his oversized pictures. Exhibitions in Hamburg, Istanbul and Santa Monica follow, "Dan" Harms hangs next to Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Markus Lüpertz and A. R. Penk, among others. Dan meets Erk by chance in 2017. And doesn't take long to ask when Erk needs an album cover for "When Night Meets Day". The original, measuring 240x180 cm, now decorates Erk's living room in Prenzlauer Berg. And his new album.

1. Living My Life
2. Taking My Time
3. Malibu Beach’s In Berlin
4. Rhapsody Of You
5. The Legend
6. When Night Meets Day
7. Chilly Winds Ahead
8. Move On
9. I’m Standing Here
10. Better Sad Than Dead
11. I Walk Like Charly Brown
12. Hey Bro