LUKE - strange boy in town (CD)

LUKE - strange boy in town (CD)


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LUKE, the band of singer/songwriter Lukas Schüßler, who has been a winner of the German Rock and Pop Prize since 2019 and this year received the Culture Prize for Music from the Saarbrücken regional association, shows with its new album that these honors are justified.

In the songwriting, accents from blues, rock and soul merge with each other and wrap the blues genre in a modern guise.

The song "Whenever I Fall Asleep", which takes the listener with a piano intro, shows where Schüßler's musical roots lie: a touch of Americana, successful guitar background and soul influence. The focus is on his clear, rough voice with an often soulful touch, such as in the song "Into Deep". The instrumental, grooving basis of the song is also strong here, into which he first melts a subtle, short guitar solo, before concluding the piece with a slightly longer solo, which gives the opportunity live to transition into a jam part .

Lukas Schüßler also shows the musical diversity in the dreamy "Memory Lane", with a folky touch, very soulful vocals and beautiful short interludes on the acoustic guitar.

With "Strange Boy In Town" LUKE has created an album that is just fun to listen to. With his songwriting he appeals to fans of the more quiet blues, soul and folk and gives himself the opportunity for longer improvisations with the arrangement of the pieces live. Anyone who can should enjoy the songs live. The album definitely helps with the waiting time, as it makes you want more.

01 Fire Outside Our Door
02 Can’t Keep My Mind Off You
03 Into Deep
04 Sadie (Don’t You Stop This Thing Tonight)
05 Whenever I Fall Asleep
06 Strange Boy In Town
07 Memory Lane
08 Meaningless
09 I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Live)