Made For Chickens By Robots - In A Semi-Mental Mood (7’’ Vinyl) (7" Vinyl-Single) (5964927631513)

Made For Chickens By Robots - In A Semi-Mental Mood (7" Vinyl-Single)


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For the first time ever this one-man-thing ventures forward to collaborate and sing two hit tune ditties that hark back to 1920s jazz and Caribbean calypso style fun times at the same time being completely deranged and entirely aloof of any modern technological or pop-music sensibility. That’s how he does his shit.
On Side A is Mojo Juju. A hit songwriter and stage performer. She is short, sharp, and takes no blunt. She sings blues like a crow and you would not want to meet her in a dark alley for she would beat you senseless.
Side B the enigmatic and irreplaceable Kira Puru is shouting at the chicken man for stinkin! You cannot deny the lust and sensuality of her sound and you cannot deny that she will one day take over the music world with her presence, charisma, and holler! 

01 Dirty Water Hotdogs Guest Starring: King Mojo Juju - Side One

01 Whats That Smells Like Chicken? Guest Starring: Queen Kira Puru - Side Two