Ampax - Wie fühlt sich Liebe (CD) (5871764734105)

Ampax - How Does Love Feel (CD)


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The EP How Does Love Feel manifesting the work of Ampax since their debut album Love Pain & Works. With "How does love feel" Ampax have finally arrived lyrically and musically after a long journey and take up the theme of longing, love and transience. Musically, Ampax stand for an otherwise never seen expression of electronic music, paired with progressive metal. Lyrically they have also developed further and found their place. On their new EP they present three new songs and four remixes. These were contributed by the synthpop band Alphamay and the EBM Legende Trilogy, among others. Even the opener "How does love feel" gets under your skin. The almost three and a half minute track begins both melodically and lyrically in a slow and calm manner, develops powerfully and hard, and then grows to orchestral size. Convince yourself of the new EP "How does love feel" and the new video for the song.

01 How does love feel
02 When nothing is left
03 heart out
04 How Does Love Feel (Alphamay Remix)
05 Heart Out (Alphamay Remix)
06 Storm (Trilogy Single Remix)
07 Storm (Trilogy Whiper Whale Remix)