dAVOS5 - My Pleasure Garden (CD) (5871698509977)

dAVOS - My Pleasure Garden (CD)


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A year after their last album "I Could Sense A Tragedy", dAVOS present their tenth release, an EP with three new songs and five remixes or alternative versions.
The title fits the season: "My Pleasure Garden" - but that's about all the idyll and romance that this recording has to offer. In 2014, dAVOS are again basking in their usual gloomy mood, which Eric Nelson's clear vocals can only bring out of the depths on the eponymous opener "My Pleasure Garden". Already the second number "The Run", a melancholic synth wave song, is about farewell and longing, but is surpassed in desolation by the following number "Loving Man"; an autobiographical song dedicated not to a lover but to the father who beats him.
The fourth song - like the following new versions of old hits - should sound familiar to fans, since it was released on the vinyl pressing of the album back in 2013. The Nine Circles remix of "Shatter" can be highlighted as a particularly successful remix, which stands out from its original with particularly catchy loops.
In short: Even after ten years, dAVOS have lost none of their enthusiasm and innovation.

01 My pleasure garden
02 The runs
03 Loving man
04 Magnifiers
05 Thoughtful Eyes (Version)
06 Shatter (Nine Circles Remix)
07 Sur la mer (Per-Anders Kurenbach Remix)
08 The run (Evo-Lution Remix)