Jens Niemann - symmetries (CD)

Jens Niemann - symmetries (CD)


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Unusual times produce unusual music. "Symmetries" is an instrumental concept album, cinematic and painterly. The music is a "crossover" between classic and pop, well thought out, but without dull sensationalism. Skilfully, but without aimless virtuosity.
The pianist and keyboarder Jens Niemann and his band use it to create soundtracks for previously unmade films, some touching, others cool and compact. There is something new to discover with every listen.

All music composed by Jens Niemann
Jens Niemann – piano, hammond organ, accordion, bass synth
Henning Oppermann - production, bass guitar, bass synth
Tim Schöne - drums
Mixing by Henning Oppermann
Mastered by Robert Hundt
Cover photography by Benedikt Schlereth
All piano and drums recorded at DocMaKlang Studio (Osnabrück), except No. 8 & 9
This project would not have been possible without a scholarship from GEMA

01 processes
02 Interlude
03 Cadence
04 Balance
05 Detour
06 Equilibrium
07 Bias
08 NetZero
09 credits