Minusheart - Traps And Treasures (CD) (5871781019801)

Minusheart - Traps And Treasures (CD)


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After their 2013 album Calls From Space, Minusheart is back in the biz with ten new songs. "Traps And Treasures" is the name of the new, fourth studio album by the Aachen-based industrial rockers and we are happy about their first release on Timezone. Although "Traps And Treasures" at times sounds more minimalist than its predecessors and sometimes flirts with the electronic body music of the 1980s and 1990s, the quartet seems to have reached a new level of maturity with this album. Minusheart always manage to create a unique style from the ingredients electro, punk, industrial and rock. In addition, Minusheart's charismatic frontman Diver manages to give his band's sound a completely unique note with his sometimes morbid stories and his gloomy shouts, which always inspire with brilliant irony and apt sarcasm.

01 Dirty White
02 On Mercury
03 Ghost Train
04 Glamor Train
05 Man Of Straw
06 Son Of Sam
07 The Warning
08 Soldiers And Queens
09 All My Lovers
10 Out On The Streets