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Mystigma - Prayers (CD)


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MYSTIGMA are back to cast the usual dark melancholy in new forms with GEBETE, their 6th studio album. The people from Osnabrück compare themselves to "a good wine that gains in aroma and quality over the years". The 12 GEBETE on the new album do indeed allow for this charming comparison.
Disturbing, frighteningly introductory and then brutally starting, the opener "Schockraum" defines right at the beginning the new self-image of a gloomy sound cosmos.
The following epic, sacral-sounding "Like a prayer" is representative of the new work, with catchy hooks, deep guitars and an overall extremely dense soundscape, which not least unfolds its full effect through the targeted use of strings, grand piano and organs.
The balancing act between deep, dark rock and electro is again demonstrated by songs such as the experimental but at the same time rousing "Erlution" or the dark ballad-like "Charon", which knows how to create a very unique sound atmosphere with its oriental-cineastic instruments This time four musicians focus more than ever on a mature mood characterized by authenticity, which represents a highly individual dark rock cocktail full of passion and devotion.
As a homage to bygone times, the quartet finishes with the gothic-heavy “Sacrificed”, a cover version of the legendary former Swedish death metal band EDGE OF SANITY.
The heart chord, based on Patrick Süskind's "Perfume", is lyrically representative of the basis of the texts: 12 prayers written in German, which neither praise nor praise, but accuse and provide deep insights into personal, foreign and social abysses, desires and fears.
Supported by background singer Tina Frank (including Eisbrecher), album no. 6 sets new accents in many respects, which suit the foursome and give the band a new and fine note.
The album, which was completely self-produced in the band's own studio and mixed and mastered by Dennis Mikus (among others, the Last Instance), impresses with a warm, organic and powerful sound.
Arousing, accusing, melodic, tender and brute, MYSTIGMA continue on their way on the dark paths and abduct you into a labyrinth of darkness.

01 shock room
02 Like a prayer
03 When violence breaks the silence
04 Life sentence
05 Redemption
06 Prophet
07 Will
08 heart chord
09 Under the skin
10 Morpheus
11 Thorn Man
12 Charon
13 Sacrificed