NRT - Ambition (LP + Bonus CD) (5871723282585)

NRT - Ambition (LP + Bonus CD)


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"Finally something different", "unexpected", "refreshing" are feedbacks that NRT often counters. Listeners who are “fed up” with their usual listening experiences, be it dark wave, synth pop, alternative or indie, are positively surprised by the combination of style elements.
In addition, the band turns away from the widespread, typical verse-chorus structure in most of the songs and thus provokes an interest and the "compulsion" to listen, which often falls by the wayside because you "know" what expected one.
NRT on the other hand: Quiet parts to "endure", build up tension through long intros, unexpected bursts of energy and suddenly dance rhythms.

Side A
01 ambition
02 friendship
03 quest
04 self deception

Side B
01 memories (Blue Space Mix by No More)
02 marching (repeat mix by wave cocktail)
03 marching (Man-Machine Remix by Vadot)