The Brute : - Absolute Disgrace / Lonesome Hero ’20 (CD) (5871832006809)

The Brute: - Absolute Disgrace / Lonesome Hero '20 (CD)


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The Brute: is an electronica music project and merges progressive electro sound with melodic singing and a mix of electro-pop, blues and rock influences.
The new double single "Absolute Disgrace / Lonesome Hero '20" is already the third release and the second together with Timezone Records. While "Absolute Disgrace" is a clear political statement about autocratic governments, "Lonesome Hero" is about not taking yourself too seriously.

01 Absolute disgrace
02 Lonesome Hero ‘20
03 And I Want You ...
04 Lonesome Hero ‘20 (Universe Mix)
05 And I Want You ... (Time Mix)
06 Lonesome Hero ‘20 (Overdrive)