The Crüxshadows - Astromythology (CD) (5871764603033)

The Crüxshadows - Astromythology (CD)


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Physics, astronomy, numerology, philosophy, prehistoric mythology and literature - sciences that in one form or another have always run through the albums of the Crüxshadows. After the American electro rockers recently caused real dance floor eruptions with the euphorically celebrated pre-single "Helios" in scene circles, mastermind Rogue and his loyal troupe are now releasing their most well thought-out, most experimental and also most gripping work to date with "Astromythology"!

01 Helios
02 singularities
03 Stay
04 Home
05 Infinity
06 Stargazer
07 Of Angels
08 My Telescope
09 Jupiter
10 Uncertainty (In Space & Time)
11 star case
12 In Gardens
13 astronauts