Watershed - Elephant in the room (12" Vinyl-Album) (6738945245337)

Watershed - Elephant in the room (12 " vinyl album)


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The album was written, arranged and recorded during the global Covid 19 pandemic. Craig Hinds started gathering initial ideas in early 2020. The songs developed slowly and when he was allowed to travel again, he met with his bandmates in Johannesburg to develop the tracks further in joint sessions. "There was a lot to write about because the emotions were high, families and couples were separated and 'times they are / were a-changing' as legend Bob Dylan would have put it" (CRAIG HINDS).
"Elephant In The Room" is a solid and warm album with twelve tracks that was recorded in a trio formation (Craig Hinds (voc, g, p), Howie Combrink (dr, voc) and Gideon Botes (g). The latter is also responsible for the production and the mixing, which he was supported by Hinds and Combrink. It contains, in addition to the usual excellent Craig Hinds compositions, also a stunning Watershed interpretation of the Bruce Springsteen classic "I'm On Fire" LP contains a good mix of up-tempo songs, classic watershed ballads and mid-tempo pieces, and the group's music has evolved over the years, incorporating a variety of influences without deviating too far from what Watershed is has always mattered.
Lyrically, Craig Hinds undertakes a journey into the unknown and questions everything that happens around him, while at the same time trying to address the “elephant in the room”. "There are just too many opinions and nobody really addresses the real situation" (CRAIG HINDS). In true Watershed songwriting tradition, the songs take up topics from everyday life, everyday worries, everyday ups and downs and everyday love in order to create songs that you won't get out of your head for a long time. His greatest fear is not being able to write a hit. “It doesn't matter how much you tour, how many fans you have or how many network followers click on your site. If you don't have good songs, you're not going anywhere ”(CRAIG HINDS).
But if you are expecting a new "Indigo Girl", you may be disappointed because Watershed anno 2021 has become more contemporary and rockier. Watershed have developed stylistically, but do not deny their own special sound. Haunting, energetic and sophisticated indie folk pop rock. Songs like the single “Undone”, “Map Of My Behavior”, the bonus track “Countdown” or the title track itself have a terrific driving drum kit without losing the melody affinity of the Hinds compositions. Memories of early R.E.M., Coldplay and the Crash Test Dummies are awakened. The focus of the instrumentation is an excellent mix of guitars, electric piano and the distinctive and naturally expressive voice of Craig Hinds.

01 Map of my behavior
02 Undone
03 Empty spaces
04 Elephant in the room
05 I'm on fire
06 Wish
07 Stone by stone
08 Try again
09 Love song
10 African stars
11 Keep your eyes on me
12 Countdown (Tribute to the frontline workers)