Chris Colter - Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice (CD)

Chris Colter - Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice (CD)


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On June 24, 2022, 22 years after his debut album, Chris Colter's new album will be released on TIMEZONE Records under the humorous title "Nice To Be Back To Be Back Nice".
Most contemporaries know the powerful-voiced Bavarian by his real name Christian "Cheese" Koller and above all as a singer in bands such as Tana Nile, Snakehunter or the CheeseBallz. In the calm of 2021, Chris looks back on an impressive back catalog of 6 studio albums, one live album and 36 years of gigs on many stages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Dozens of songs were written during this period and never released. The idea of ​​a musical inventory ends in summer in the Ostwerk music production studio north of Regensburg. Produced by Richie Necker, 12 new, exclusively self-written songs are created, which tell stories and dreams from the world of real small town boys in their very own way - sometimes like John Hiatt, sometimes like Bob Seger, sometimes like Blackberry Smoke.
In 1999 the singer / songwriter presented his debut album "Late at Night", which was recorded in Nashville USA and produced by Joe Sun. Back then, Chris was working with a number of well-known songwriters, such as Gary Nicholson, who can also be found on the then current Wynonna album and who had also written for Petty Loveless and Billy Ray Cyrus. Another interesting songwriter on "Late at Night" is John E. Moffat, who also wrote for Pam Tillis and Steve Earl, among others. He also brought some interesting musicians into the studio, who hired out to country greats like Lyle Lovette and Faith Hill. Late at Night was released by Rosewood Records.
The creation of the debut seemed to have electrified the long-established country squad around the German American Country Music Federation and Chris Colter was nominated for their award as Newcomer of the Year 1999 and invited to the big country gala in Chemnitz. However, the nomination remained. After all, the jury awarded the singer / songwriter the title "too rock for country, too country for rock".

01 Long Gone
02 Cuban Tush
03 Tell It To The Moon
04 Cross That Line
05 Don't Treat Me Like That
06 Now You're Gone
07 Should Have Known Better
08 Clown Without A Circus
09 Under The Sun
10 Saving The Best For Last
11 Moving On
12 Tagish River