David Stewart Ingleton - Mary Bell On Cipralex (CD) (5871729803417)

David Stewart Ingleton - Mary Bell On Cipralex (CD)


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On the album "Mary Bell On Cipralex", the Berlin-based Australian David Stewart Ingleton indulges his love for the Americana sound. He combines traditional melodies that are deeply rooted in Americana.
From the perspective of a man who has been expelled from his homeland, he sings about his past love and begs her not to use any of the household appliances they have bought together for her new crush. These and other themes run through the folk album, which is arranged to the point. Ingleton plays the anti-hero, skilfully mixing genres such as country, blues and gospel. A journey through English-language music!

01 Alligator Skin
02 She Eats Breakfast At Lunchtime
03 The Dengue Fever Blues
04 Mary Bell On Cipralex
05 outdoor furniture
06 Stop Telling Me To Dance
07 This Green Cat