SAN Antonio KID - Mystic Waves (7“ Single) (7" Vinyl-Single) (5871776956569)

SAN Antonio KID - Mystic Waves (7" Single) (7" Vinyl Single)


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That's what it feels like, that's what it sounds like when the San Antonio Kid take the stage and grab the guitar strings for the first time. Rich in Californian coolness and one could almost say "spaghetti western-like" peppered with soul influences, the listener immediately finds himself in the middle of the late 60s and early 70s.
Greetings from wonderful bands like The Growlers or Allah Las. And no matter whether at festivals, in clubs or as support for the Mystic Braves, Crystal Stilts or currently for the great The Hanging Stars from England - San Antonio Kid inspire everywhere with their casually rumbling rhythm section. The charming balancing act between Americana and Swabia is unique. Their style is casually surfy and singer Matt's singing is pleasantly dry and calm. In April 2016 the debut album was released on the amateur label Off Label Records.
The new vinyl single "Mystic Waves", which once again immerses you in the psychedelic pop world of the San Antonio Kids, will be released at the end of May 2018. So watch out you pistolos, cardsharps and other (wanna be) hipsters. If you only feel the whiff of longing for the sound of the Good Old Days in the here and now, you shouldn't miss this band.
Howdy and see you then
San Antonio Kid

1. Mystic Waves
2. It's Nothing To Me