San Antonio Kid - s/t (12" Vinyl-Album) (5906921488537)

San Antonio Kid - s/t (12" vinyl album)


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Dust dry throat - sweaty shirt. The rattlesnake rattles, tumbleweed bales blow lonely over the silted highway. And then a loud TWAANNNGG!!! That's what it feels like, that's what it sounds like when the San Antonio Kid grab their guitar strings on stage for the first time. From that moment on, they take us to the American Southwest, where the spirit of the four Augsburgers was actually born. In Western shirts, hats and waistcoats they play their songs, which have been written in the last two years and with so much feeling that even the toughest redneck wouldn't guess their Swabian origin.
Whether at gigs in the underground bowling alley, on a high-rise roof like the Beatles did back then, at big open-air festivals or in the club as support for The Soft Hills or Crystal Stilts - San Antonio Kid inspire everywhere with their casual, rumbling rhythm section and organ guitars and singer Matt's psychedelic sixties vocals. Bands like Allah-Las or The Growlers say hello.

01 Owyhee Dropout
02 Isabelle
03 Ramblin Man
04 MDMane
05 Dillinger
06 Strangers
07 Same Old Sound II
08 Don't Follow Me